Juan de Dios is an undiscovered treasure located at the entrance of Malaga bay and is part of the Natural Regional Park “La Sierpe” and the Natural National Park “Uramba”. We are isolated of towns and urban centers so we don’t have electricity. This makes it the perfect hideout for those looking for relaxing beach life combined with wild jungle. This Nature Reserve is a unique place to experience life in the tropical pacific and participate in taking care of it. Juan de Dios offers you the perfect opportunity to rest, recharge and reconnect with yourself and nature.

Juan de Dios is a Nature Reserve of 80 acres and is a part of Natural Regional Park “La Sierpe” and Natural National park “Uramba”. These parks protects 25 178 acres of rain forest, pelagic ecosystems, beaches and mangroves.
Malaga Bay is part of biogeographic region “Choco” and is the home for approximately 400 species of trees, 150 fishes, 114 reptiles, 30 coast mammals, 12 aquatic mammals, and more than 400 species of birds. The Bay is visited annually by the Humpback whales (Megaptera novaeangliae) coming from Austral Hemisphere 8000 km away, in the search of warmer water where they can mate and give birth.

Since 2006 in Playa Juan De Dios we have been acting locally and thinking globally working with the local communities in pro of conservation and restorations of the beaches in the area, trough Aqua Mares Foundation. Aqua Mares Foundation has the vision to live here in a way that creates less damage on the environment in order to conserve this pacific nature. We also invite the guests to participate and contribute to this aim.


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