Juan de Dios has the capacity of maximum 35 guests. The guests have access to an exquisite beach far away from the busy rhythm of tourist tracks and mainstream hotels. Here you can enjoy delicious pacific Colombian coast flavors, like “sudado de piangua”, “sancocho de pescado” and more, typical plates of this region. We have a main house right on the beach where every meal is freshly prepared and shared together as a family. As we don’t have electricity here we use candles for a cozy atmosphere at night. Our guest can choose between several options: bohios (rustic bungalows) for multiple people, private bohios and camping area.


Bohio Mar Y Luna has room for 12 people.


Bohio Mango has room for 8 people.


Bohio Viento de los Besos and Om Tara has room for two people (double bed).


Area with capacity for 18 people, equipped with a shower and dry composting latrines.


  • Camping area:The rainfall is really high (6000-7000mm/year). You have to bring your own camping gear.
  • Bring some trekking boots for muddy paths of the rainforest.
  • Bring mosquito repellent and also light and large clothes
  • Bring a head light
  • If you are bringing snacks please take the plastic bags back to the city.
  • If you smoke, please save the cigarette tails and take them back with you.
  • Don’t bring pets
  • If you bring a sound system, please keep the volume low in respect of your neighbors. All instruments are very welcome.
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